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10 Best Sock Jokes

Dad telling son a sock joke meme.

Being in the sock business, we make a cringe-worthy amount of jokes about socks! We can’t help it — everyone here is a sucker for sock puns! It turns out novelty socks attract people with a good sense of humor, so it was only a matter of time before puns, funny phrases and corny jokes invaded the sock world.

This Father’s Day, gift some dad joke socks from our large collection of funny socks for men. Some of them will probably make you groan, but they will definitely make your pops feel like the joke king.

Dad joke novelty socks say "ain't no bad joke like a dad joke."

As a bonus, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best sock jokes and foot puns that you can share with your dad, or anyone else who wants you to sock it to 'em! We think you’ll get a real kick out of each and every one.

1. Why do golfers wear two pairs of socks?

In case they get a hole in one!

2. Who is the most famous footwear philosopher?


3. What did the hat say to the sock?

I’ll go on ahead, you go on foot.

4. Why did the pair of socks decide to break up?

Because one of them always had to be right, and the other one left.

5. What kind of socks do you need to plant flowers?

Garden hose!

6. What do you call a financier with a hole in their sock?

A sock broker.

7. Person 1: Your sock has a hole in it!

Person 2: No it doesn’t.
Person 1: Then how did you get your foot in?

8. What did one new sock say to the other?

“Great things are afoot!”

9. Did you hear who they cast in the new movie, “Shoe-manji?”

Dwanye “The Sock” Johnson!

10. What did the sock-stealing gnome tell his wife before going to work?

It socks to be apart from my sole mate for so darn long!


Dying to hear more sock jokes? Then you must check out our blog of holiday-themed Christmas sock jokes! If these jokes tickle your funny bone, you can also check out this collection of our favorite funny novelty socks!

Lindsey Frazier


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Sock lover

Sock lover

May 15, 2022

Sock it to them



March 02, 2022

Really interesting post!

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