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Free sticker with every order!

Sock Size Guide

Need to figure out the best size socks to fit your feet? Our sock size guide will help you find a well-fitting, comfortable and long-lasting pair if you find yourself wondering, “What size socks do I wear?". Or use our sock size chart to calculate the size of someone else's feet for the perfect gift! 

Sock Size vs. Shoe Size 

There are two main sock sizes. Sock size 9–11 fits about a women's shoe size 5–10 and sock size 1113 fits approximately men's shoe size 8–13. These sizes often correspond with a small and large size for companies using gender-neutral sizing. We list sizing information on every product we sell to help you navigate the unique sizing attributes of different brands and styles.

For additional assistance, read on below or give us a shout at 360-746-6255 or by email.

Sock Size Conversion

We want you to be able to shop for socks that fit your feet, period. Sometimes the best fitting socks don't match your gender — either the one you were born with or the one you identify as. With socks, what really matters is comfort — and fun! Our sock selection includes novelty socks in a wide range of sizes to fit every guy, gal and non-binary pal. We can help you find your best fit regardless of gender — simply follow our sock size conversion tips and don’t worry about labels!

As a basic rule, there is a conversion difference of 1.5–2 shoe sizes between men’s and women’s styles. For example, if you wear a women’s size 10 shoe, you would wear a men’s shoe size of 8–8.5, which means you could not only shop our selection of women’s socks (which fit about a women's shoe size 5–10) but you could also wear any of the sock styles from our men’s collection (which fit approximately men's shoe size 8–13). Lucky you! Now you know how to calculate your size equivalent regardless of gender, so you can shop our giant sock selection with confidence!

Sock Size U.S. Kids' Shoe U.S. Women's Shoe U.S. Men's Shoe
9–11 4.5Y+ 5–10 3.5–8
10–13 10–15 8–13
14+ 14+ 12.5+

Unisex Sizing

To create a more friendly shopping experience for gender nonconforming and nonbinary people, we offer a collection of socks in unisex sizing that helps you avoid socks with gendered packaging altogether.

For socks in our men’s and women’s collections, even when a socks's package lists a gender, we translate the sizing for you on every product using the brand-provided sizing information from each of our suppliers so you can be sure you will get the best fit.

Kids' Sock Sizes by Age 

We typically carry four sizes of socks for babies and kids.

  • The smallest size fits infants from 6 to 12 months or baby shoe sizes 24.
  • The toddler size will fit children ages 1 to 2 or shoe sizes 37.
  • The next size up is for younger kids from ages 3 to around 6 or 7. These socks fit children's shoe sizes from approximately a size 7 to a size 1Y.
  • The largest kids' size will fit most 7- to 10-year-olds with shoe sizes 13 through 5Y. The upper end of this range actually overlaps with women's sock sizing, since a kids' size 5Y is the equivalent of a women's shoe size 6.5. Most women's socks will fit kids with shoe sizes 4.5Y and up. 

    Extra-Large Socks

    Some of us have feet so big they are almost off the charts! If you wear a U.S. women's shoe size 14 and up or a men's size 13 and up, check out our collection of extra-large socks for a pair that will fit your long and large feet.

    Wide-Calf Socks

    Concerned you won't be able to find socks to fit your wide calves? Not to worry! We created this special collection of socks for bigger legs that will fit ample calves. Sock It to Me's Stretch-It socks are made to stretch around calves up to 21 inches!

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