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Unisex Socks

Tired of being lumped into a gendered category that doesn’t work for you when you shop for socks? Whether you’re a nonbinary person, a womxn with large feet, a man with small feet, or just a person who thinks how socks fit should be about size and not gender, you’ve come to the right place. Shop our collection of unisex socks — that is, styles that use gender-neutral or genderless sizing on their packaging.

We believe all socks — baby socks, crew socks, knee-highs, thigh-highs, and beyond — should simply accommodate foot sizes, regardless of gender, full stop. They’re more than “just socks” for many of us. They’re wearable pieces of art that empower us to express the whole spectrum of ourselves, however that might change (or not) from day to day. Explore this collection of crazy socks that offer gender-free sizing and designs without usually ubiquitous “men's" and "women's” labels.

It’s important to note that while these socks are explicitly unisex down to the packaging, other brands we sell WILL still fit you. This is why we offer crossover sizing information across our product catalog.

Androgynous Athletic Socks

As it stands, most socks are divided by “men's” and “women's” shoes sizes, and sport socks are no different. While this is done for foot sizing’s sake, the practice has led to a generally sexist separation of designs and styles that limits self and gender expression for many persons shopping for novelty socks. That’s why we offer unisex athletics socks with funny sayings from brands Gumball Poodle and SockGuy that have a flexible sizing chart and gender-neutral packaging.

Colorful Patterns No Matter Your Pronouns

Your shoe size does not equal your gender expression, your feet do not determine your pronouns, and your fun socks should be as versatile as your gender identity! Solmate brand of purposefully-mismatched socks come in a rainbow of color palettes, including neutral colors, and in a range of sizes from small to extra-large to fit every adult.

Cute Socks & Knee Highs for Bigger Feet

Don't miss our inclusive collection of knee highs including many that fit plus-size, wider calves and larger shoe sizes. That way you can feel cute on days that call for cute! Sock It to Me also makes empowering turn-cuff crew socks with genderless packaging.

There are still many strides to make in the fashion industry so that it may be totally inclusive and accessible to all genders and body types. But unisex clothing is catching on and as the industry evolves, we will continue to highlight those brands that make room for all of us.

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