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Art Socks

This collection of art socks has the perfect pair to inspire your creativity. Here you'll find all our socks with artwork, artists and art supplies. Get fun socks with artwork as a gift for an artsy person, and they might just hang them up on their walls!

We love art and socks, so it's only natural we would love classic paintings on socks! These fun socks feature some of the most famous works of art in the world like Starry Night socks based on the painting of Vincent van Gogh and stunning self portrait socks featuring Frida Kahlo

Don't miss novelty socks based on the works of more modern artists like Laurel Burchor funny socks with sayings from Bob Ross

We hope you'll find a pair of art socks that lets you enjoy the feeling of having famous feet. You could even mix and match and end up with a different masterpiece on each foot! Don't miss our men's art socks collection that contains all artsy socks for larger feet.

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