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Gumball Poodle

Gumball Poodle's funny socks with words on them get the conversation started! Express yourself in the original retro gym socks with sayings like "It's OK to Fart" or "My Cat Says You're Dumb." These word socks say it all, whether you're a fan of beer, balls or butts, a bride, a groom or a bitch!

Gumball Poodle is the go-to for sock self-expression. With plenty of Pride socks and rainbow socks with words like CALIFORNIA, PORTLAND and BEER, you can represent who you are and where you come from.

Some Gumball Poodle socks are famous! Find your inner GANGSTA in gold gangsta socks worn by Spike Lee when he accepted his Oscar. Get campy with Gumball Poodle Divine socks that say, "EAT SHIT" with the iconic drag queen Divine dressed in her "Pink Flamingos" costume. Let your goth side come out to play in Gumball Poodle Elvira socks with the Mistress of the Dark herself!

Fun socks with words on them are great for those days you don't feel like talking, but you'd like for people to understand that inside you are thinking "I'M DEAD INSIDE," "I MISS OBAMA" or "MY DOG AND I TALK SHIT ABOUT YOU." There is no reason you shouldn't wear socks that say BACON to work, or put on a pair of socks that say "I'D RATHER BE SLEEPING" while picking up your morning mocha. 

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