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Darn Tough

Whether you're hiking, biking, running or exploring, Darn Tough Vermont's merino wool socks are built for adventure. This brand offers great style in men's and women's socks, and even makes XL socks for large feet. with durable construction and a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. And if you're looking for made in America socks, Darn Tough's factories are located in the U.S. state of Vermont.

Buy It For Life Socks

These hardy hiking socks can withstand whatever you throw at them, making them some of the longest-lasting socks ever. If you ever get a hole in a pair or become dissatisfied with your Darn Tough socks, you can return them to Darn Tough for a new pair, or your money back.

Hiking Socks That Go the Distance

Even though they are strong, Darn Tough are also some of the most comfortable socks out there. Like other seamless socks, they are made with an undetectable toe seam for the ultimate foot comfort. Other special features include an arch-support band and a no-slip construction, so you can wear them without worrying about bunching, blisters and hot spots. A pair of cushioned hiking socks is a must-have on the trail.

All-Star Athletic Socks for Running, Biking and More

For high-performance athletic socks, Darn Tough socks are always the frontrunners! They are made with merino wool and nylon, which forms their legendary tough construction. They are also great naturally antimicrobial socks because the moisture-wicking properties of wool and nylon create an environment inhospitable to odor-causing bacteria.

Try working out in a pair of Darn Tough's lightweight ankle socks with a thin profile and upper mesh that allows sweat to evaporate quickly, keeping your feet cool and dry.

Durable Dress Socks

For men's dress socks, Darn Tough's lifestyle line with thin merino wool and attractive designs make them ideal socks to wear to the office or a special event. Crew socks are the best sock length for special occasions, because they won't show bare ankle below a pair of dress pants.

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