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Myth & Magic Socks

This collection of mythical creature socks is like a classical bestiary for your feet! It is full of fun socks with Sasquatch, unicorns, dragons and even a few monsters. For ordinary animals on socks, check out our animal collection.

These are novelty socks with fantastical creatures big and small. We have Bigfoot socks for men and women who crave adventure, unicorn socks so cute you'll be farting rainbows, mythical kraken socks and alien socks for those cold nights spent searching for UFOs. If you're looking for socks with any kind of imaginary or as-yet-unproven animal, it's probably in this collection!

If you are secretly a mermaid, don't worry — we won't tell. Shop here for mermaid socks to wear on those. . . what do you call them? Oh yeah, feet!

You can even find funny socks with creatures you've never heard of, like the mighty tacosaurus, a combination of the stegosaurus and a delicious crunchy taco.

These fantasy socks are inspired by fairy tales, science fiction movies and roleplaying games. Bring them to life by taking them from your imagination onto your feet!

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