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Crew Socks

What are crew-length socks?

Wondering what's the difference between “crew socks” and “socks”? If you don't know a lot about sock lengths, you probably already refer to crew socks as just regular socks, since they are the most popular sock length. Crews reach about halfway up the calf, with men's crew socks coming up a little bit higher than women's crew socks.

Wondering how to wear crew socks? You can wear crew socks as your everyday socks, pairing them with everything from casual to business and even formal attire, as well as athletic wear. In fact, the reason these socks are called “crew socks” is because they were commonly worn by teams of rowers, sometimes called crews, according to the American Heritage Dictionary.

You will often find 6-packs of plain white crew socks at your local supermarket or department store. The difference is that here at Cute But Crazy Socks, we don't sell boring crew socks! Here, you will find crazy socks, funny socks with words and cute socks with interesting designs in the must-have crew length.

Cute Crew Socks for Women

If you are shopping for fun socks for women you will appreciate our women's crew socks collection, which is full of colorful socks in unique patterns. Some have words on them while others have images like animals, food, flowers and more! They would all look great with your favorite shoes — here at Cute But Crazy Socks, we love wearing them with Mary Jane shoes that show the design through the cutout area on top.

Men's Crew Socks With Fun Designs

For great men's socks that come up mid calf, our men's crew collection has just about everything you could ever want! Find a great pair of socks for your dad, funny men's socks with swear words, or some cool socks that show off your hobbies like fishingbeer or hunting for Bigfoot. We even offer socks for men with extra large feet!

The Best Crew Socks

Find the best crazy crew socks with fun designs when you shop for socks from brands like ModSocks, Socksmith and Blue Q. When it comes to comfort and durability, crew socks from Darn Tough are made in Vermont and come with a lifetime guarantee. Some other great crew socks brands made in the U.S. are SockGuy, Solmate Socks and Gumball Poodle. For little feet, check out our collection of kids' crew socks.

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