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Wine Socks

Wine socks make everything a little bit better. At Cute But Crazy Socks, we want to help you relax, wine down and wear a pair of fun socks from this wine collection.

What could be better than red wine socks with a nice burgundy splashing into a wine glass? ModSocks' "Fine Like Wine" socks for men and women have a glass being poured on the leg and realistic-looking wine stain next to a popped cork on the top of the foot. Shop now for a great selection of novelty socks with wine, or check out our beer socks or alcohol socks collections for even more fun!

We also love funny socks with sayings about drinking wine. Doctors say a glass of wine every day can be good for your health as well as your mood. Wearing funny socks will also help take the edge off, letting you relax after a long day. Cheers to wine socks!

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