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Beer Socks

Let's make a toast to fun beer socks — after all, they keep our feet toasty! Beer socks for men and women are a great gift for a craft-beer lover.

When you wear beer socks, you're advertising your love for two of life's little miracles: fermentation and fun footwear. This is what our ancestors were searching for when they decided to stop hunting and gathering, folks. Now that we're swimming in surplus wheat to make beer and cotton to make socks, we've basically peaked as a society.

But just because we have the basics of beer down, doesn't mean there isn't still room for improvement. Some intrepid brewers are still out there, creating new recipes and questing for beer perfection. To those people, wearing a pair of cool beer socks is a true sign of their dedication to fermentation.

Wear a pair of beer socks and pledge yourself to the pursuit of hoppiness.

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