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Food Socks

This funny food socks collection is full of all our tastiest treats for your feet! Shop now for avocado socks, bacon socks, pizza socks and even some socks with fruits and veggies. Whatever you like to eat, there is a food sock to fit your taste at Cute But Crazy Socks. For just men's socks with his favorite foods, check out our collection of food socks for men.

If you're dreaming of dough, a pair of sweet donut socks for women will get you dozens of compliments. Wear a pair of sushi socks the next time you are craving some raw fish and rice. If you're a carnivore, savor some fun socks with meat and satisfy your predatory instincts. Fruit socks and socks with berries say you're always ready to munch a sweet snack, and hot sauce socks are great for spicing things up. You'll find them and much more here in our food socks collection!

Food can be fancy or simple, high cuisine or down-home cooking. We have cooking socks for bakers and dinner makers, as well as snack food novelty socks for those in-between meals.

If you're happiest when you're well fed and well dressed, these food socks are your meal ticket! Wash them down with a pair of coffee socks, or socks with alcoholic drinks on them if that is more your speed.

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