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Bird Socks

Tweet tweet, it's time to get some bird socks on your feet! Cute But Crazy carries a whole flock of socks with birds on them, so you can pay tribute to your fine feathered friends.

Need a pair of socks to wear on an airplane? Birds were flying long before humans took to the skies, so a pair of bird socks makes a great token for travel. Feeling bold? Peacock socks will inspire you to stand out and feel beautiful. Need a pair of funny bird socks? Socks with penguins, seagulls stealing food and ostrich socks are perfect for the practical jokester in your life.

Chicken socks and rooster socks will brighten the day of any farmer. Hummingbird socks are perfect for a busy woman, and songbird socks make a great gift for a singer.

Socks with birds on them are beautiful, versatile and fun. Browse our collection and remember that birds of a feather sock together!

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