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Swear Word Socks

These socks with swear words on them may not be safe for work, but they certainly are a safe bet to get a laugh.

For difficult days, everyone needs a pair of socks that says, “Fuck this shit.” Or for times of celebration, there's nothing like a fun pair of swear socks that says “Super fucking awesome.” Need a great gift for a cat birthday party? Socks that say “My cat is cool as fuck,” are perfect for the proud cat lady in your life. Get a pair right meow!

Curse word socks make every day a little more fun and silly. During your next boring meeting, pull on a pair of swear word socks for men that say, “This meeting is bullshit.”

Did anyone ever tell you you'd be more attractive if you didn't have such a potty mouth? Fuck that! Women's swear word socks that say, “I'm a delicate fucking flower” are the perfect antidote to patronizing advice. And when you wear a pair of socks that says “Bitches get stuff done,” or "Motherfucking girl power," there is nothing you can't accomplish.

Curse word socks are awesome, but for those times you'd rather keep things PG, our “Dang it all to heck” and “Zero Fox Given” socks have all the fun of our dirty word socks, while keeping things clean. 

Whichever sweary pair of socks you choose, remember: dirty socks are gross, but socks with dirty sayings on them are funny, fierce and totally fucking awesome!

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