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Nerd Socks

Let your geek flag fly in these nerdy socks! These smart socks are great for all kinds of geeks—whether you love math, science fiction, video games or all of the above!

Let's face it: nerdy T-shirts were funny in college, but now that you're a little more grown up and your fashion sense has evolved, a few pairs of nerdy socks are a must for style and self-expression.

We have women's science socks to keep you warm in those chilly laboratories, and men's math socks for guys who solve equations in their sleep. We also have famous scientist socks, like Nikola Tesla socks and Albert Einstein socks.

If you need a pair of gamer socks, we have nerdy men's socks with video game controllers as well as D20 socks for tabletop gamers. We even have geeky socks with books on them, because everyone knows reading is socksy.

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