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Bob Ross Socks

Bob Ross socks are an instant hit for anyone who loves the PBS art show host turned internet celebrity. This collection of art socks with Bob Ross celebrates the Joy of Painting, happy trees and happy little accidents!

If you are a fan of soft voices, big hair and landscape paintings, have we got the funny socks for you! These great novelty socks for men and women show the master Bob Ross himself at work in his PBS studio. Some of the funny socks even have sayings from Bob Ross, like "Happy Little Accidents" socks from his quote "Mistakes are just happy little accidents."

Whether he was drawing a mountain stream or a happy little cloud, artist Bob Ross always kept things positive on his TV show. He expressed himself through his art, his message and his always fantastic hair. A pair of funny women's socks with Bob Ross painting happy trees make a great gift to cheer someone up. Or for men who love Bob Ross memes, a pair funny men's socks with Bob Ross painting will always give you something to smile about.

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