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Five Funny Sock Styles for Lounging Around the House

Procrastinating while wearing funny socks that say, "I am going to get shit done later"

One of the few great things about quarantine life is that we’re leaving our shoes at the door and rocking fun socks while we work from home.This give us the chance to make bold fashion choices, like really funny socks. Zoom meetings only broadcast from the chest up, so why not get a little naughty from the waist down with swear word socks? Or add some drama to your daytime looks with socks for introverts, readers and TV watchers.

Whether you’re working from home, creating an introvert care package, or just want to make your quarantine roomies laugh, check out these five sassy sock styles for chilling around the homestead!

Funny TV socks that say "One more episode, OK one more episode"

1. One More Episode

If ever there was a time to binge-watch all those shows you’ve been recommended, now’s the time! Kick up your feet, glue yourself to the couch, and chill with “One More Episode — OK, One More Episode" TV socks from Blue Q, shown here in a woman’s size, but also available for guys. Wearing cute socks and snuggling up with TV is not laziness, it’s self-care! 

Funny socks that say "Fuck Off I'm Reading

2. Fuck Off I’m Reading

One of the best gifts for introverts is socks that tell other people to go away. If you’re taking advantage of this down time to snuggle up with your books, keep everyone at least 6 feet away from your reading corner with “Fuck Off I’m Reading” socks for women.

Funny men's socks that say "Fuck Off I'm Gaming"

3. Fuck Off I’m Gaming

Gamers across the world rejoiced at being told their responsibility during coronavirus was to stay home. They happily took up the gauntlet to buckle down for a few month’s worth of gaming and they proudly wear these socks. “Fuck Off I’m Gaming” socks might sound harsh, but gamers are just doing their civic duty!

Funny introvert socks that say "Go Away I'm Introverting"

4. Go Away I’m Introverting

What better gifts for hermits than introvert socks sent from a distance? “Go Away I’m Introverting” is the perfect sock for the recluse who was already social distancing long before the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us ship a pair to a friend you can't see in person.

Funny men's socks that say "I Am Going to Get Shit Done Later"

5. Get Shit Done Later

The work-from-home style has become increasingly more chaotic as quarantine drags on and the concept of time starts to distort. You have a whole laundry list of things to do, but all you have is time, right? “Get Shit Done Later” with the help of these sarcastic novelty socks, also available in a smaller ladies' size.

Want to see even more socks with swear words, or just browse some funny socks that will make you smile? Of course you do. Socks are the new shoes!

Lindsey Frazier


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