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The Warm Socks You Need For Winter

Three people wearing cozy slouched slub-knit crew socks in bed.

There’s no reason to get cold feet this winter — we’ll demonstrate how to incorporate your favorite socks into your winter wardrobe, and showcase some of our latest must-have styles for the season. More than just a fashionable winter accessory, cozy socks are also a great way to regulate your body temperature during the coldest months of the year.

Whether you’re planning on cuddling up with some hot cocoa on the couch or heading out on a snowy hiking expedition, read on to hear our favorite tips and tricks for wearing socks in the wintertime as well as an inventory of our cuddliest sock styles.

How to Wear Socks to Stay Warm

Wearing socks for warmth might seem obvious, but there are several ways you can make your socks even cozier on the coldest days.

Cardinal knee socks are worn over tights with red shoes in an outdoor scene

Socks Over Leggings or Tights

Our first hack for keeping your feet (and legs!) warm in the winter is also my personal favorite. I’m a skirt and dress lover through and through and I refuse to give up some of my favorite wardrobe pieces during the chillier months.

You can still wear socks with a skirt or dress in the wintertime while keeping your feet and legs toasty by layering crew socks or even knee high socks for extra coverage over leggings or tights. This also helps put your fun socks on display instead of hiding them from the world underneath jeans or trousers.


Text reads: Guess what I'm wearing under my socks? More Socks. Image shows a man smiling in front of a Christmas tree.


Double Up With Two Pairs of Socks

Another simple wintertime sock hack is to double or triple up on the number of socks you’re wearing. The extra layering will help you retain heat, especially if you put a pair of thin socks underneath a thicker pair. Just make sure your shoes are a little larger to accommodate that extra bulk.

This can also provide many exciting mix-and-match opportunities if you choose to layer shorter crew socks on top of taller knee socks. If you’ve ever been by our storefront in downtown Bellingham, Wash. in the wintertime, you’d see that many of the holiday-themed leg lamps (think A Christmas Story) we have on display take advantage of this hack and double up on the number of sock styles they’re wearing — even though plastic legs don’t mind the cold!


Three women side by side on a bed wearing Solmate Socks' slub-knit slouch socks


Wearing Socks to Bed

Our final wintertime sock tip is also the most straightforward: wearing warm socks to bed in the winter. Sleeping in socks will help your toes endure cold winter nights and help regulate the temperature of the rest of your body. Warm socks relax and widen the blood vessels in your feet, which in turn improves blood circulation throughout your entire body, allowing you to release more heat through your skin. Wearing socks to bed has even been proven to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night.

Our Warmest Sock Styles

Now that you’ve got a few winter sock hacks under your belt, it’s time to pick out the best socks to keep your toes toasty.

Blue merino wool hiking socks with trees are worn on a trail with red leggings and teal shoes

Darn Tough: Wool Socks for Long-Lasting Warmth

If you’re a person who prefers a snowy adventure or wintertime sports to hunkering down indoors on the colder days of the year, then Darn Tough socks are for you. This cool sock company guarantees all their socks for life — just send in your worn out pair, and the company will replace them for free!

Darn Tough socks are made in Vermont from merino wool, which is moisture-wicking, ​anti-odor and warm in cold weather. Thick and cozy boot socks are the ideal style for winter, and pairing them with winter boots will keep your feet warm AND dry for your iciest expeditions.


A person stands in the snow wearing socks with snowflakes and no shoes


Knee-High Socks Rise Up

Knee-high socks are ideal for keeping your feet and legs warm and showing off your personal sense of style at the same time. There’s just more surface area! This extra space allows for another layer of protection on your legs, whether they are poking out underneath long pants, peeking out over tall boots or put on display over a pair of thick tights. With knee highs, there’re a lot of fun styles to choose from, giving you the freedom to express yourself without having to sacrifice warmth.


A woman in red plaid fuzzy socks and pajamas holds a mug and sits on a blacket


Fuzzy Socks Keep It Cozy

Fuzzy socks are fluffy, fleecy and totally soft to the touch. These plush, thick socks are like a cozy blanket you can take anywhere you go. While their polyester material can be a little too hot for the summer, these socks shine come wintertime. There is a reason they are classic socks for the colder months and the ideal choice for evenings spent bundled up by the fire with a good book or your favorite holiday movie. Wear fuzzy socks around your house this winter for maximum cuteness and comfort.


Three people in slipper socks sit together on a blanket


Get a Grip on Winter With Slipper Socks

If you’re looking for the cuddly feel of a fuzzy sock but also want to prevent unexpected slip-and-slides on indoor floors, slipper socks with grips are the best of both worlds! Gripper socks provide their wearer with a non-skid surface to ensure that both feet remain firmly planted on the ground.

Combine these hot sock tips with a pair of fashionable warm socks from our sock store, and your feet will be ready to brave even the harshest of winters. Stay toasty!

Hailey Wiltse


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