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How to Make a Sock Bouquet

Make colorful socks look like roses by wrapping them onto dowel stems.

Socks rolled into roses around faux stems for a Valentine's Day sock bouquet.Roses are nice, but sometimes you just want a new pair of socks. For Valentine's Day, we created this cute, simple craft using just socks, rubber bands and dowels. A sock bouquet may not smell (hopefully) but it is a great gift for the person who knocks your socks off!

You will need:

  • Dowels, wire, or faux flower stems to hold the sock flowers
  • Rubber bands (If you want to get fancy, you can use colored rubber bands in red or pink to match your socks.)
  • Socks, any length

Items needed to make a sock rose for a bouquet of sock flowers.
To make your sock roses, begin with a flat sock and a wire or dowel “stem.” Wrap the sock around your stem, starting with the toe. The stem should go about halfway up into the flower.

Wrapping the a sock around a dowel stem to make a rose for a sock bouquet.Making a pink sock rose from a cute knee-high sock.Fastening a sock rose for our sock flower bouquet with a rubber band.

When you are finished wrapping, adjust the sock to look a bit more like a real flower, by pulling out the top petals and scrunching the bottom.

Showing the "fluffed" petals of our pink sock rose.

Finally, wrap a rubber band around the base of the flower. If you want, you can fold the outer bottom edge of the sock up to cover the rubber band.

Done! Repeat with the remaining socks, then add a few faux or real flowers to complete the bouquet.

Now that you know how to make a bouquet of flowers from socks, select the socks you want to be in your bouquet! We think red socks and pink socks are a good place to start, or shop our sock store's massive selection of cute and crazy socks to find the perfect themes for your Valentine!

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Rodric Allen

Rodric Allen

February 12, 2016

Great idea and awesome to present a nice pair of socks as a gift to your “special someone” for Valentine’s Day.

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