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Funny Christmas Socks for Men

Gay unicorn ugly Christmas sweater socks for men with rainbow stripes.

This Christmas, make your family laugh with you instead of at you by showing off a pair of these funny Christmas socks for men!

At our sock shop, our men's holiday socks seem to get funnier every year and this year our huge selection of crazy Christmas socks for men is bigger and better than ever! Here are a few fun Christmas sock styles to get you started.

Funny Christmas socks for men with rainbow unicorns

Unicorn Christmas Sweater Socks

We often wish the holidays were just a little bit gayer. These amazing men's Christmas socks with unicorns make all those wishes come true. With fabulous unicorns instead of reindeer, pretty trees and snowflakes and a rainbow background, these funny socks look like an Christmas sweater with a colorful LGBT+ twist. Don we now our gay apparel!

Funny men's Christmas socks with Jesus that say "Birthday Boy"

Birthday Boy Christmas Socks

What's the reason for the Christmas season? For many people, it is the extra special birthday boy pictured on these fun Christmas socks for men showing Jesus and a big pile of Christmas gifts. Add some extra divine presence to your presents and give a pair to a guy with a great sense of humor.

Funny men's socks with pointy candy canes

Candy Pain Socks

Sometimes the joy of creation can only be reached through pain — like when you stab the roof of your mouth while trying to suck a candy cane into a sharp point on Christmas morning. We've all been there, and that's why we designed these funny men's novelty socks with Christmas candy canes, some of which have been sharpened into classic candy cane shanks.

Funny Christmas socks for men with humping reindeer

Humping Reindeer Socks

It's like a regular Christmas sock, but the reindeer are having sex. That's it. And really, what could be funnier than a few of Santa's helpers getting it on in the snow? These mating reindeer socks for men are a Christmas favorite, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Funny men's Christmas socks with goats

Goat Christmas Socks

Goats are known for their voracious appetites, and the goats on these men's holiday socks are eating everything in sight, starting with the Christmas lights on a wreath! Christmas goat socks for men make the perfect gift for your food-loving friends.

Krampus socks for men show the German Christmas monster

Krampus Socks

Sometimes holiday humor can cross the language barrier, like when you wear these funny Krampus socks for men with Germany's favorite Christmas monster. If you love dressing as Krampus and following around your local Santa Claus pub crawl every year, put on these socks and let the fun begin!

Funny Christmas socks for men with dogs

Stocking Pupper Socks

If you have a puppy or a small dog during the holidays, it is never not funny to put them in an oversized Christmas stocking and take lots of photos. These funny men's Christmas socks put little Yellow labs on your legs, looking like they were just stuffed into a striped Christmas stocking.

Worst Gift Ever socks for men with funny sayings

Worst Gift Ever Socks

Unless you only have one leg, there really isn't a Christmas gift worse than a single sock without its mate. These funny men's socks show a lonely single sock on the stairs with the words “Worst gift ever” written above it. Ironically, for the right guy these socks might end up being the best gift ever.

Funny Christmas socks for men with raptor Santa

Raptor Claus Socks

What if instead of Santa, a raptor in a Santa hat broke into your house on Christmas Eve? And what if you happened to be wearing a pair of these funny Christmas dinosaur socks while it happened? That would be pretty cool, right up until the moment you got eaten.

Funny Christmas socks for men with corgi dogs

Christmas Corgi Socks

Cultivate a Christmas persona that is cute, cuddly and ready to take on the holidays this year, just like the dogs on these Christmas Corgi socks for men. Corgis know how to do the holidays right — take a lot of naps, smile for every photo and don't be afraid to dress up in something festive!

Andrea Farrell

Andrea Farrell is the lead buyer and content writer for Cute But Crazy Socks. She is a sock industry expert with over a decade of experience in socks retail, customer service, product selection, product development and customer behavior. Andrea leans on her degree in journalism from Western Washington University to write helpful articles on socks and hosiery, covering all topics from current fashion trends to sock jokes.

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