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Working From Home With Pets: Meet the Staff

Socks that say "Go Away I'm Introverting" with a cute black and white cat

Hello to all you cool cats and kittens! While quarantine has been difficult for many of us humans, our pets seem to think having us home all the time is the greatest thing in the world. Our retail store and office are closed for now, so most of our employees are working from home. We are finding that our pets make everything a little more bearable, which is why we wanted to share these updates and cute photos of our cats (and dog) with you. We hope they help if you need a little cheering up!

Andrea wears women's poppy socks with her large cat Arthur

Andrea & Arthur

Hi, I'm Andrea and my cat's name is Arthur. As the shop's buyer, I have been continuing to place orders with our suppliers to make sure we have plenty of socks for folks to order from CrazySocks.com.

I have also been writing blogs to help show our customers more of what we have to offer. Arthur is trying to help, and often sits in a chair next to my computer and rolls onto his back to get my attention. He is not quite 2 years old, but has become a champion fly and spider catcher, especially now that the weather is warming up. However, he sometimes seems disappointed that there aren't more bugs indoors for him to hunt!

Lindsey wears Piano Cat Knee Socks with her cat Buddha

Lindsey & Buddha

Hi, I’m Lindsey and this is my ragdoll kitty co-worker (okay, manager) Buddha! He usually comes into the office pretty grumpy, but I don’t mind. I wish I could say he keeps me on task, but more often than not he’s nothing but a cute distraction from my social media content work.

Alannah works from home with her daughter and her cat Oslo

Alannah & Oslo

I work pretty part-time, so for the last couple of weekends I have either been taking photos of styles or invoicing for the shop and wholesale. We recently settled into our new home, so Oz has been melting into all the sunspots and easily finds his way into a lot of the photos. He was an outdoor cat before we moved but is now adjusting to living indoors with my daughter and I, which has been a party. It is wildly entertaining watching a 2-year-old push a cat half her size around in a dolly buggy.

Corrine works from home with Red the dog

Corinne & Red

I wear a variety of hats (or should I say socks?) at the store. Pre-quarantine/social-distancing, my primary roles were handling customer service for the online business, packaging and shipping orders, and manning the register as a cashier in our brick-and-mortar shop. Since making the switch to working at home, my job has shifted to more content creation, specifically shooting product photos for social media and our website. I was sent home with a small mountain of socks to photograph and can report that every pair is now coated in white dog hair. Thank goodness for lint-rollers!

Red is delighted that both his mom and dad are home all the time now. He likes to beg for pets while I sit at the kitchen table working on my laptop and follows me around the apartment to the "photo sets" I've created. He wants to be involved in what I'm doing and will sometimes sit or lay down on flat lays I've spent ages perfecting. He is so cute that it's hard to be mad at him. I figure the comfort and affection he provides in these scary times is a fair trade for occasional work interruptions.

Camila calls customers with help from Winnie the cat

Camila & Winnie AKA Winkie

As the ModSocks' inside sales rep, I’m continuing to manage ModSocks’ retail accounts from my new home office.

With how much time I’m spending at home now, Winnie has discovered new opportunities to become involved in my work life. This week she has managed to step on my work phone and almost call back my last recorded call on speaker phone. She has since been temporarily banned from my office while the investigation is pending. To help with expending her newfound energy, I’m taking her on daily walks so she can meow at her outdoor kitty frenemies.

Urania designs new socks with the help of her cat Emo

Urania, Ben, Louie & Emo

Our house has been the command center of work from home where I've been coordinating the efforts of remote staff while continuing the design work I do for our brand ModSocks. Ben has been serving as chief provisions officer and handling more complex logistics due to the pandemic. We're a husband and wife team, so it has been serendipitous in light of all of the current challenges to have each other not only at home, but also at work from home!

Our extended work-from-home staff includes Louie, our big tuxedo fluff monster, and our resident teenager Emo, whose name is short for Emotional Support Cat. We adopted Louie at the end of 2019, and he asked for a kitten for Christmas, so we got him a little friend shortly thereafter (thanks Whatcom Humane Society!).

Ben and Emo cat working from home

Emo has a superior wit and Louie is a whole lotta love, so together they are a lopsided comedy duo — think Steve Martin and John Candy. It has been fun to be home to see their friendship develop, and of course they find plenty of ways to inject their cuddles and playful antics into our workday.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little more about our current status, our employees and of course, our pets! If you came here looking for pet socks, head over to one of our many collections like cat socks, dog socks or animal socks.

Finally, for those without pets or anyone in need of some extra cuteness, here's Louie and Emo to distract you for a little bit longer. ;-)

Cats wrestling during work from home


ModSock Staff


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