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Wearing Socks To Bed

Woman wearing red panda socks in bed.

Should you wear socks to bed? For many people, wearing socks to bed is a good thing. In fact, some research suggests that wearing your socks in bed can make you fall asleep faster, keep you warmer at night and even lead to better sex!

Some people don't like wearing socks to bed. Maybe their feet get too hot while they sleep, they don't like the way they feel, or they believe that feet need to "breathe" at night. However, other folks have found that cold feet can actually prevent sleep, while putting on a pair of socks can help them drift off to dreamland.

Couple wearing socks in bedIn 1999, Swiss researchers in the journal Nature wrote about their research suggesting that having warm feet can actually help you fall asleep faster. That is because warming up cold feet and hands causes your blood vessels to dilate. This signals to your brain that it is time to sleep. If you have insomnia, maybe it is time to try sleeping with socks on!

Another team of researchers from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands discovered some exciting data about couples who wear socks during sex. When they gave partners socks to wear, brain scans proved that 80 percent had an orgasm. Only 50 percent climaxed with no socks.

With all this science to back it up, it seems like wearing socks in bed is just fine! But could there be some other reason not to wear socks while you slumber?

Cat wearing socks in bedThere are a lot of superstitions about wearing socks to bed. One superstition states that wearing socks to bed will cause you to have nightmares. Other old wives' tales about socks say that wearing a sock tied around your neck will cure a sore throat and wearing wet wool socks to bed will cure a fever! We definitely don't recommend that last one.


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One final thing you should consider before wearing socks to bed is the cleanliness of your socks. If you lay down in the socks you have been wearing all day after walking around on hardwood or vinyl floors that haven't been swept recently, you could bring some unwanted nasties into your sheets. That's why it is probably best to put on a fresh pair before hitting the hay. Maybe buy a few pairs of socks that you only wear while sleeping, or rock the socks-and-slippers combo while you are at home.

So will you be wearing socks in the sack? Let us know your favorite socks to wear while sleeping, or start shopping for a new pair now.

Andrea Farrell

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