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Socks for Men Who Love Cats

Fun cat socks for men with cats wearing glasses

The crazy cat lady gets so much attention, but what about our crazy cat-loving dudes? Check out our purrfect selection of kitty-cat novelty socks that fit men’s shoe sizes 8 to 13 and redefine who man’s best friend REALLY is!

Funny men's cat socks that say "Crazy Cat Dude"

Crazy Cat Socks

For the straight-up crazy cat man who treats his feline friends like royalty and also loves funny socks, you can’t beat Crazy Cat Dude men’s socks by Blue Q. Wear your cat obsession with pride, good sir!

Fun black cat socks for men made from bamboo

Black Cat Socks

Throughout feline history, black cats have gotten a bad rap. But true cat lovers know that black cats can be some of the sweetest, smartest little kitties on the block.

These luxurious red bamboo socks with handsome black cats walking about are a super soft treat for your feet. These work great as a men’s dress sock because of their smooth fabric and undetectable seamless toes.

For music lovers, Piano Cat Men's Socks by ModSocks are happy to accompany you and your kitty whenever you feel inspired to play a duet.

Cat socks for men with tabby cats and orange tabbies


Tabby Cat Socks

Tabby cats are known for their street smarts — hence the glasses on these funny hipster cat socks for men. They know where you stashed the catnip, when you’re hiding medicine in their food and they can tell when they have found a new way to annoy you. There are just some cool cats you'll never fur-get! 

Crazy cat socks that say "My cat says you're dumb"


Funny Cat Socks

We’ve got real crazy socks for cat dudes with a big sense of humor. These socks are so funny, you might even catch your cat laughing!

Are you the kind of guy that comes home, kicks off his shoes, and vents to your cat? Is yours the kind of cat that talks back? Well you can’t help what he says! “My Cat Says You're Dumb” unisex athletic socks throw shade others might not be ready to hear, but when has a cat ever held back their feelings?

You might be surprised, but sometimes the star of the show is a cat’s backside. Is it because they’re just waving their butts around, shoving them in your face without a care? Is it the fluffy cat fur pantaloons that sometimes hide their kitty buttholes? Whatever the fascination, these socks know you’re looking because they say “Check Meowt” on the foot!

Men's Christmas socks with cats

Christmas Cat Socks

Cats seem to get into everything at Christmastime, but somehow it just adds to their mischievous charm. Stuff your stockings with crafty kittens with these fun holiday cat socks for men.

When you are looking for men's socks with cats, don't hesitate to go for our funniest, funkiest styles. Cat fanciers have a great sense of humor about their beloved pets and love to laugh at the ridiculous things that cats do all day. For even more great styles, visit our collection of men's cat socks. These awesome cat-lover gifts will put a smile on any man's face!

Funny cat face mask for men

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