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Socks for Dog People

Pit bull socks for men on the PDX carpet.

Does your dog deserve to be on socks? Duh! Check out our dog socks for men and women for a pair of crazy socks with dogs on them.

Corgi Butt Socks

Corgi Butt Strut Crew Socks

Every part of the corgi is adorable, from its pointy ears to its fuzzy little butt! These corgi socks emphasize cute heart-shaped corgi butts. These funny dog socks for pet owners have a sense of humor.

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Pop Art Pitbull Socks

Pop Art Pitbull Crew Socks for WomenPop Art Pitbull Crew Socks for Men

Want a pair of crazy dog socks for men or women? These brightly colored socks with pit bulls on them are totally eye-catching with their pop art puppy pattern.

Shop for Women's Pop Art Pitbull Crew Socks
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Shiba Inu Women's Socks

Shiba inu dog socks for women

Shiba dogs chase butterflies on these very funny Shiba Inu socks for women.

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English Bulldog Socks 


These funny socks feature the beloved English bulldog, the dogs with big wrinkly faces, round bodies and funny personalities.

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Kids' Pug Socks

Is your kiddo as cute as a pug on a rug? These pug socks for kids are covered in happy puppers on parade.

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Labrador Socks

Men's socks with yellow labradors

These yellow lab socks are covered in loyal labrador dogs. We also have yellow Lab socks for women!

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Pug Socks

Pugs and kisses women's socks

Pug socks are the dog socks that say, “I'm an adorable weirdo.” Don't worry, everyone loves you anyway.

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OMG Dogs! Socks

OMG Dogs! Crew Socks

If you love all dogs no matter the breed, these OMG Dogs! socks are for you. Hooray for dogs!

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