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Men's Gift Guide

Craft beer socks show different types of beer in glasses

Coming up with men's gift ideas doesn't have to be a hassle, because there's one gift that every man loves to receive: a new pair of socks! They can be practical, warm, crazy, cool, weird or wonderful – just like him. If you want a stocking stuffer he'll actually use, pick up a pair of unique socks that perfectly fit his personality. Use this sock gift guide to choose from among our most-requested styles, or take a peek at all of our men's socks here.

Funny Fox Pun Socks

Men's Zero Fox Given gray crew socks with a fox face

Does life ever get to the point where you have stopped giving a single, solitary fox? If so, no one can tell you not to wear a pair of these simple yet hilarious Zero Fox Given socks.

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Beer Socks for Men

Craft Beer Men's Crew Socks featuring glasses of beer

Beer comes in all sizes, styles, and colors. If there's a beer lover on your list, give him a few premium bottles along with a pair of these craft beer socks, and remind him to enjoy responsibly.

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Hungry Goats Socks for Men

Hungry Goats Men's Crew Socks in blue and red stripes with goats eating the stripes

Some guys will eat just about anything when they're hungry. If there's a fella in your family whom you all lovingly refer to as the family goat, these hungry goat socks for men are a gift he can wear while he's raiding the fridge the day after Christmas.

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Dumpster Fire Socks

Dumpster fire men's funny socks

When things go wrong, sometimes they go REALLY wrong. These funny dumpster fire socks for men know your pain. Give a pair to cheer up a guy who has had a bad week (or a bad year) and hopefully soon his life will start looking a little less like hot garbage.

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Fuck this Shit Men's Socks

Men's Fuck This Shit Crew Socks in blue

When all you have is a hatchet, facing your problems might just leave you stumped. Luckily, there is plenty of wisdom about how to deal with the shit in life you cannot change: fuck it. These men's "Fuck this shit" socks are a funny men's gift with some serious attitude.

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Funny Alien Socks for Men

Funny UFO alien socks for men

Maybe the man on your list isn't a man at all, but an extraterrestrial who uses socks to hide his extra toes! Or maybe he just thinks aliens are cool. Either way, these cool UFO socks with flying saucers beaming up cows are made for beings who believe in intergalactic friendship.

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Meeting is Bullshit Men's Socks

Men's green and gray crew socks that say "this meeting is bullshit."

A gift for your coworker should probably be work-appropriate. Depending on where you work, we can't necessarily recommend that you buy anyone these men's socks with the message, "This meeting is bullshit." Of course, if you do work somewhere a sock like this might not fly, he could always make sure their funny message stays covered up while he's on the clock.

Shop for "This Meeting is Bullshit" Socks

Men's Dog Socks

Funny men's dog socks with different dog breed dressed in human clothing

Dashing dogs including Boston terriers, Boxers and bulldogs are dressed to the nines and showing off their historical looks on these funny dress socks with dogs for men. 

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Socksmith Bigfoot Socks

Men's Big Foot Crew Socks in black with green trees

Is the man you're shopping for a little untamed? Does he ever brag about his outdoor prowess, his profuse body hair, or the time he met Sasquatch in the woods? Let him know you appreciate his wildman ways with a pair of bigfoot socks for his big ol' feet.

Shop for Big Foot Men's Crew Socks

Still looking for the perfect pair of men's socks? Check out more of our sock styles for men!

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