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Father’s Day 2020: The Best New Socks for Dad

Father's Day socks for dad featuring eggs and bacon.

Dads can be tough to shop for, but crazy socks have consistently proven successful because you can easily find personalized socks for even the most difficult daddio. These days we need dad’s good sense of humor more than ever, and men’s novelty socks make excellent, affordable Father’s Day gifts, all of them new for 2020. Can’t remember which pair of socks you got dad for Father’s Day 2019? We got your back! Er. . . we got his feet? What we mean to say is: here’s what’s new in fun socks for men this Father’s Day 2020, with no repeats from 2019!

Breakfast Socks for Hungry Dads 

Why should Mother's Day be the only holiday to start by bringing someone breakfast in bed? Dads love breakfast, too! The funny men's breakfast food socks shown above have a face made from two egg eyes and a bacon mouth, and the words "Resting Brunch Face."

Funny fart socks for men that say "President of the Local Gas Company"

President of the Local Gas Company Socks

We all know dads are full of hot air, but for the exceptionally gaseous gentleman we bestow the honorable badge “President of the Local Gas Company” with these funny fart socks for dad by Blue Q.

Vegetable garden socks for men

Vegetable Garden Socks

These striped vegetable garden socks make thoughtful Father’s Day gifts for dads who love to garden. A bountiful harvest of delicious carrots, onions, potatoes, beets and radishes planted in neat little rows awaits dad on these Father’s Day socks.

Trout Fishing socks for men

Trout Fishing Socks

Socks catered to dad’s favorite hobby make fun and sentimental Father’s Day gifts, like these Trout Fishing socks for the angler dads out there. You’re one with the fish when you sport the colorful rainbow trout on these soft detailed men’s crew socks by ModSocks.

Funny grumpy old man socks for men

Grumpy Old Man Socks

For dads with a good sense of humor and more than a few decades under their belt, a popular Father’s Day gift from a son is sarcastic socks like these “Grumpy Old Man” crews from Blue Q.

Donut Love Socks for dad

Love Donuts Socks

Mmmm. . . donuts! If your dad is a fan of those tasty little glazed rings of fried dough, be a sweetheart and share the love with a box of his favorites paired with our Love Donuts socks by ModSocks.

Funny burrito socks for men that say "Where's My Burrito?"

Where’s My Burrito Socks

If your padre is loco for Mexican food, why not whip him up something muy bueno like a yummy burrito and these socks to match? “Where’s My Burrito” socks with retro athletic stripes are asking the important questions this Father’s Day!

Wool Socks for men for Father's Day

White Element Light Cushion Wool Socks

Some dads like to stick to function over novelty, and we’ve got them covered too! These USA-made Darn Tough socks are simple yet luxurious Father’s Day gifts that work hard across all terrains and through all kinds of weather. Bonus — if you ever happen to wear a hole in them, you can send them back to Darn Tough and get full credit for a replacement pair! Ideal for the highly active (or destructive) dads out there blazing the trails.

Funny Sasquatch and UFO socks for men

Sasquatch UFO Socks

Got a cryptozoologist for a dad? Spend some time this Father’s Day helping him track down those elusive creatures of folklore like Bigfoot! The truth is out there with Sasquatch UFO socks for men, designed by ModSocks right in Bigfoot’s backyard here in the Pacific Northwest.

Whiskey socks for dad

Cheers! to Dad!

Hip hip hooray for Father’s Day! If you want personalized Father’s Day gifts to pair with dad’s favorite alcoholic beverage, Gumball Poodle has soft athletic socks for every liquor lover. Pick your poison between Tequila, Whiskey, Bourbon, and Beer socks and say CHEERS to dad!

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