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Free sticker with every order!

Free sticker with every order!

Farm Animal Socks

Spotted cow socks, with black spots on a white background, worn by a farmer standing in a field of green grass.

The meadows are lush and green, the weather is ripe for hard work, and the animals on the farm are scoping out the coolest patch of shade to relax in. Whether this is your reality or just a rural fantasy in a city mind, show your love for farm animals with these novelty socks.

Cow spot socks with pink toes pointing up at the sky

Cow Socks

The herd will think you’re one of their own when you strut out onto the field in these black and white cow spot socks for men — the cherry on top being the pink udder toes, of course. 

For something a little more quaint, these beautiful buttercup cow socks for women’s shoe sizes have happy cows amongst green fields and daisies that are sure to brighten any overcast day on the homestead. 

Cute 3D pig socks for kids

Pig Socks

There's no better way to house your little one's little piggies than in a cute pair of pig socks for kids. The snouts and protrude and the ears stick up to make your leg look like a little 3D pig. Let them put on a pair and wee wee wee all the way home!

Shop for chicken socks for women

Chicken Socks

It’s never lonely at the chicken coop, especially if you’re bringing the meal! But if you really want to impress the chicks, strut your stuff in these cute chicken socks for women.

Rooster Socks

You might be the cock of the walk on your farm, but we all know it’s the rooster who really gets the day going. A handsome rooster perched on a fence crows at the first light of dawn on this men’s sock. Get that worm, early bird!

Cute horse socks with saddle shoes standing on a sidewalk

Horse Socks

There’s nothing like the thundering herd of untamed stallions to inspire the wild whispers of our heart. Whatever your dreams — whether they lie on the farm or in the city — may these majestic horse socks for men or matching women's horse socks help carry you there.

Was there ever such a loyal and noble friend as a horse? Horse people will understand. Everyone else can gallop off. For the horse gal with a dark sense of humor, “I hate everyone too” funny socks will help keep the people you don’t like at a distance and the people (horses) you love right at your side.

Sheep Socks

It’s hard not to flock to these super cute socks with fluffy white sheep – so we won’t stop you! When life on the farm has you a bit frazzled, take a moment to skip through green fields like a sheep who doesn’t give a sheep!

Goat socks on two people standing on a stoop with flowers beside them

Goat Socks

Goats provide more than milk, cheese, wool, manure and meat. Not that that isn’t enough! But they also provide endless entertainment leaping from hay bale to hay bale, and they can be surprisingly gentle pets. Sometimes they scream. Of course they chew on just about anything — including socks — so you’ll want to keep your goat socks tucked away and safe when you come around these curious grazers.

If you’re feeling a bit billy goat gruff these days, we have just the goofy goats to brighten the mood! A herd of silly billies on a light green goat sock are just the ticket to headbutt your barnyard blues.

Cute llama socks with ears that stick up!

Llama Socks

Fanciful rosy-cheeked llamas beam happily on these 3D animal socks with ears that are sure to delight! Plus, the way they peek up over low boots is just adorable.

Rabbit Socks

As soon as the weather warms, you notice bursts of little bunnies hopping to and fro, through the bushes and across the grass. Hop for joy in lovely lilac crew socks with rabbits and daffodils.

Cute alpaca picnic socks show details of alpacas holding baskets

Alpaca Socks

When it’s time to take a break from the homestead duties, “alpaca picnic” for us to enjoy! These lovely alpaca socks feature an alpaca toting a cute picnic basket, complete with the essentials: apples and wine!

Donkey Socks

Do you spit hot truth like a cattle spits cud? Are you known as the wise guy around the stable yard? Maybe the other animals call you a smart ass, but where would they be without you? Don your mortarboard graduation cap and tell everyone what’s up in these funny “smart ass” donkey socks for men. These make great graduation socks!

Dog Socks

No farm’s complete without a loyal dog to rustle up the heard, fetch the newspaper or just keep a human company. From the industrious retriever to the resounding hound dog, there’s a farm for every canine and a canine for every farm. Show off that you’re men’s best friend’s best friend in one of our many dog socks.

Cat Socks

Every farm has a small herd of barn cats to chase away mice and more importantly delight the humans. You'll find we have a small herd of cat socks that also provide endless delight!

Be sure to check out our full collection of animal socks here where we have everything from funny animal print socks to realistic animal socks.

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