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Free sticker with every order!

Current Mood Socks

Funny men's socks that say "Fuck This Shit"

Funny dumpster fire socks for men

As current events wreak havoc, we hope to offer a bit of lighthearted, cheeky humor to help us all take things day by day. Enjoy these five funny sock styles that sum up how we all feel right now.

Fuck This Shit Socks

Had it up to here, fam? Want to walk out of whatever disaster you’ve been facing for who knows how long? Flip some tables, break some dishes, and storm off in “Fuck This Shit” socks for men and women.

Raging Dumpster Fire Socks

Between a shitshow election year and coronavirus, we are truly situated smack dab in the middle of the raging DUMPSTER FIRE that is modern life. When you want to throw it all in the trash, light a match, and start over from scratch, you can rock these Dumpster Fire men’s crew socks that perfectly match your mood.

Toilet Paper Socks

Fun socks simply make the COVID-19 crisis more bearable. We all need a good laugh right about now as people hoard things like hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Sure we laugh. . . but if you do happen to run out of toilet paper, you might find that crazy socks with toilet paper, poo and plungers could prove more useful than you ever thought possible!* *WARNING: Our shop and Mother Earth do not recommend or condone flushing your socks!

The Universe is Kind of A Dick Women's Ankle Socks

Ever feel like this clusterfuck we call life is constantly testing you? Like, just when you thought 2019 was the worst of it, 2020 rolled in with a 2x4 and THWACKED us right across the back. Sometimes we look at these sassy novelty socks that say “The Universe is Kind of a Dick" and just think, "Yeah, sounds about right."
Funny "The Universe Is Kind of a Dick" socks for women

I Vote for Snacks Socks

Voting is all well and good, but hardships make me hungry. Some days the only debate I want to participate in is which food I’m going to elect to eat while I watch our collective, metaphorical pizzas all burn to a crisp. These cute “I Vote For Snacks” unisex athletic socks get political without getting political in bold red, white and blue. After all, when it’s the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) politicians got nothing on food or funny socks!

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I Vote For Snacks socks in unisex sizing

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