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Blue Christmas Socks

Christmas socks with white & blue snowflakes on a blue gradient stripe.

When Elvis sang about having a blue Christmas it was because he had the blues, but you don't have to be sad to appreciate these fun blue Christmas socks! Maybe you have plenty of red and green socks or you just love the color blue. Maybe you want to get a little extra wear out of your winter socks, since these blue socks look great with blue jeans all year long. Read our guide and celebrate the holidays in beautiful blue Christmas socks.

Snowflake socks with trees and snow against a blue night sky

Snowflake Socks

Every snowflake is unique, just like every person! Celebrate individuality in a pair of unique socks like these cute snowflake socks with trees and snow in the night sky. For men's Christmas socks, keep it simple in a pair of these snowflake socks for men. This snowflake design also makes for lovely knee-high Christmas socks, especially worn with a holiday dress or skirt. Or for all your simpler looks, a pair of snowflake crew socks for women will serve you well through the holidays and beyond.

Cozy mismatched socks in blue color from Solmate Socks

Blue Mismatched Socks

Solmate Socks are cozy, colorful mismatched socks that make the perfect Christmas gift! Socks like this Evergreen style are knit with recycled cotton yarn in a variety of colors and patterns. These colorful socks combine shades of blue, green and aqua on a design with cute stripes, diamonds and zigzags for a pair of socks that looks great paired with your favorite Christmas sweater, but can also be worn year-round.

Snow globe Christmas socks with snowflakes, snowmen, trees, houses and reindeer

Snow Globe Socks

A snow globe takes something big and shrinks it down into a small, cute thing you can hold in your hand — kind of like a sock! These funny Christmas socks for women show snow globes filled with houses, snowmen, reindeer and Christmas trees, all on a blue background with falling snowflakes.

Tropical Christmas socks with snowmen made out of sand wearing leis and snorkels

Christmas Vacation Socks

If your Christmas wishes include an all-expenses-paid trip to somewhere warm and tropical, you're not alone! These crazy fun Christmas socks with tropical snowmen made of sand belong in your carry-on bag on your next vacation. They are decked out in grass skirts, leis and snorkels, ready to have a great holiday.

Reindeer Socks

Reindeer socks are standard at the holidays, but most novelty Christmas socks with them are more silly than serene. We love Rudolph and all, but we think these dark blue Christmas socks with realistic reindeer wearing festive red bridles make an extra special gift for someone you love this winter.

Funny Christmas socks with reindeer having sex on them

Naughty Reindeer Socks

If you are looking for funny men's Christmas socks, these Humping Reindeer socks are a bestseller for a reason! These funky socks for men show red and green reindeer in a traditional Christmas sweater pattern, only this time the reindeer have decided to get a little frisky in the snow.

For even more Christmas socks in all colors, visit our Christmas sock collection.

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