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Back to School Kids' Socks

Fun, novelty kids' socks with animals, sports and girl-power designs.

It wouldn't be fall without a new pair of back-to-school socks! We have fun new socks for kids that will get their school year started off on the right foot. Shop ourkids' socks collectionincluding our favorite novelty socks for this back-to-school season. Our shop has cute and crazy socks for every little foot.

Cute cat unicorn socks for kids with white cats with rainbow manes, tail and unicorn horns

Cat Unicorn Kids' Socks

These happy unicorn cat socks for kids are covered in kitties with unicorn horns and rainbow tails. They also have cute pink hearts, so wherever your kiddo goes, cat unicorn socks will remind them they are loved! Also available for toddlers and women.

Orca 3D socks for kids that look like a whale is eating their feet

Orca Biting Your Foot Socks for Kids

Jump into the school year ready for show-and-tell with this funny pair of kids' socks with killer whales that look like they are eating your feet. Children's orca whale socks are great for kids learning about the ocean. These socks fit ages 7 to 10, but older kids can always wear the next size up, Orca Bite Women's Socks.

Cute corgi balloon socks for kids with dogs floating in the clouds beneath red balloons

Corgi Kids' Socks

These funny dog socks for kids show a cute corgi puppy floating below a big red balloon. If your child is a natural scientist, put them in a pair of these corgi socks and let them ponder the possibilities of flying with the family pet. Also available for toddlers.

Knee-high dragon socks for kids with green dragons and puffs of flame

Dragon Kids' Socks

If your kiddo is one of the storybook dreamers in the classroom, these knee-high dragon socks for children are a great way for them to escape into their imagination! Dragons breathe puffs of fire all over these fun fantasy socks in two sizes for kids ages 3 to 6 and 7 to 10.

Robot socks for kids with laser zaps, UFOs & robot dogs

Robot Kids' Socks

For the kids who love robots and all things mechanical, these funny robot socks are powerful enough to zap you into next week! Bots shoot lightning bolt zaps out of their eyes alongside their robot dogs and flying saucers on these science fiction socks for kids. Also available for men and toddlers.

Knee-high ostrich socks for kids with grumpy bird faces

Angry Ostrich Kids' Socks

Some kids are great at rising and shining in the early morning, but others are more like the grumpy ostriches on these funny kids' knee socks. Big birds glare and grimace from the sides of these knee-high ostrich socks for kids, perfect for your student to express his or her surliness. Also available for adults in regular and extra stretchy.

Sparkly girl power socks for kids with yellow lightning bolts on a pink background

Glitter Girl Power Kids' Socks

Elementary school can be intimidating sometimes. Remind your girl of all her inner power and strength (plus her outer awesomeness) with these fun sparkly socks for kids that say “GRL PWR.” With a pink glitter background and yellow lightning bolts, these powerful socks for kids are a great way to make a statement on the playground! Also available for women.

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