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Halloween Socks

Halloween socks including jack-o-lanterns, witches, cats, ghosts and skeletons.

Halloween is no longer just a holiday, it's a whole season! For some of us with Halloween decorations and costumes to spare, that is great news. For everyone else, here's a great chance to expand your Halloween sock collection so you can take part in all the festivities! Read on for our favorite Halloween novelty socks, or view our entire collection of Halloween socks here.


Raven socks for men with skulls and books

Nevermore Raven Socks

Quoth the raven — “Nevermore.” Another raven quote: “KRAA KRAA KRAA!” Turns out, ravens don't usually have much to say. Pay homage to your boy Edgar Allen Poe, the father of spooky stories, with a pair of these Nevermore socks for men with skulls, dusty books and big black ravens. Also available in knee high.

Cute Elvira socks with the Mistress of the Dark

Elvira Socks

Elvira is the Mistress of the Dark, Queen of the Macabre, and a fixture of campy goth culture everywhere. We love her for her big hair, big bust and the funny jokes she delivers in that Valley-girl voice. Wear these awesome Elvira socks for Halloween and show off your knowledge of the cult classics.

Jack-O-lantern socks for men with Halloween pumpkins

Jack-o-Lantern Socks

All summer long they are just regular vegetables, but come the end of October, these pumpkins come off the vine just in time to give you a big scare (or a big laugh). Wear jack-o-lantern socks for men or women and enjoy a trip to the pumpkin patch and a nice carving sesh with the family.

Ghost cat socks for Halloween for women

Cute Cat Ghost Socks

Friendly feline ghosts are the best ghosts. Not only do they scare away mice, but they don't need a litter box because ghost cats don't poop! Have a happy Halloween in these funny ghost cat socks for women with kitties trick-or-treating on them.


Funny witch socks for women with bread riding broomsticks to make a sandwich witch

Sandwitch Socks

If you were wondering which witch is on these witch socks for women, it's the SANDWITCH! She's a witch made of two slices of bread and some magical fillings who wears a pointy hat and rides a broomstick while making sure none of her delicious condiments drop onto the villagers below. If you were wondering which witch is on these witch socks for women, it's that one.

Funny candy corn socks for women with candy corn wearing Halloween costumes

Candy Corn Socks

It might be corny, but some of us older folks still love dressing up for Halloween and eating the Halloween candy of our youth: candy corn! These funny Halloween candy socks put anthropomorphic candy corn in costumes, which presumably they will use for trick-or-treating to gather up even more candy corn. It's just one weird, sugary cycle that never ends.

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