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What's New?

What's new with our shop? We're so glad you asked!

We've been working hard all year, getting our first batch of original socks into stores around the country. We are also developing our online store, and now have almost 1,000 styles available for purchase at, including all of our ModSocks originals. We are so excited to be getting our products onto the feet of sock lovers everywhere! But we haven't just been selling the old styles. . . we have also been making more!

Our new designs are just as whimsical and wonderful as the first batch. They include:

Happy waving bears with mad hula skillz

A kitty cat whose canary friend has turned the tables on him

Adorable red pandas who just want to play, at least until nap time

Majestic barn owls on a unique birch-bark background

Dapper Boston Terriers in striped bow ties

Christmas kittens who can't wait to unwrap their presents

Classic cars that will make any ride a little smoother

We have also added a selection of knee highs with bright chevrons and gorgeous stripes. So for anyone on your holiday shopping list, remember: your foot is the perfect stocking stuffer!

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