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We can't wait to show you what ModSocks has in store for your feet this fall! Dive into our sock story and experience the adventure, beauty and mystery of our Fall 2016 collection.

Book Socks

Bibliophile women's blue knee high socks with books Bibliophile men's black crew socks with books on them

Let's begin at the beginning. The inspiration for these socks began with the simple phrase, “Once upon a time.” Let your love of reading transport you to new, exciting worlds without leaving the comfort of your home in a cozy pair of these socks for the avid reader!

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Coffee Socks

Latte Art women's crew socksLatte Art men's crew socks

Of course, no quiet reading session is complete without a tasty beverage to sip while you relax. These socks are an ode to the espresso bean, and the magic that happens when a perfect shot is combined with silky steamed milk.

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Crow Socks

Curious Crows women's knee high socks

The best stories feature a crafty trickster, and one of our favorites is the clever crow. The curious birds on these knee socks have discovered hidden treasure in the form of a key, a locket and a shiny mirror.

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Raccoon Knee Socks

Women's Raccoon's Den knee high socksRaccoon's Den women's knee high socks

In many Native American folk takes, raccoons are tricksters who deceive other animals (and even humans) into giving them food or performing tasks for them. We can't help but love these charming, cheerful little bandits, even when they're breaking into our trash cans.

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Lion Socks & Tiger Socks

Fierce Tiger women's knee high socksFierce Tiger men's knee high socks

Boss Lion women's knee high socksBoss Lion women's crew socks

Every story has a villain, or maybe just a misunderstood apex predator like the ferocious tigers and lions on these socks for men and women. If you want a pair of socks to make you feel powerful, these big cats pack a punch.

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Hungry Goat Socks

Hungry Goats women's knee high socksHungry Goats women's knee high socks

In the fable of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, a family of goats is trying to cross an evil troll's bridge to get to the tasty grass on the other side. The goats on these socks have another feast in mind – they're chowing down on the stripes of these stripey socks!

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Sasquatch Loves Oregon & Sasquatch Loves Washington Knee Socks

Sasquatch loves Washington women's knee high socksSasquatch love Oregon women's knee high socks

Every adventurer holds the secret wish that they will make a new discovery in the deep, dark woods. Bigfoot might be just another tall tale, but maybe the stories are based on something real – you won't know until you go looking.

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Sloth Socks

Sloth Stripe women's knee socks Sloth Stripe women's knee socks in navy and white

When a story starts to drag in the middle, most readers get discouraged. Not so for the sloth! These quiet climbers like nothing better than a treetop full of leaves to munch, a long nap and a story that takes seemingly forever to get to the point.

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Unicycling Unicorn Knee Socks

Unicycling Unicorn women's knee socks

Have you ever been to a unicorn circus? The show takes place at the end of a rainbow, the crowd throws glitter and the performers are paid in magic. And the star of the show? A unicycling unicorn, of course.

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Llama Knee Socks

Lovely Llama roll top women's knee high socks

If your life seems to be filled with unwanted drama, sometimes you have to take a step back and ask yourself, “What if I were a llama?” If you wake up one morning as a South American pack animal, make the best of your new llama lifestyle by grazing and lazing in the tall grass.

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Salmon Socks

Sockeye women's knee high socksSockeye men's crew socks

The fish­-out-­of-water story is a classic: we see it with Arthur Dent hitchhiking his way across the galaxy, Bilbo Baggins making his way to the Lonely Mountain (and back again) and even Gulliver as he completes his increasingly strange travels. The fish on these watery socks for men and women are sockeye salmon, and the water they are leaping out of is a pristine river of the Pacific Northwest. What fish would ever want to leave waters like these?

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Beer Socks for Men & Women

Craft Beer women's knee high socksCraft Beer men's crew socks

While we're on the subject of the PNW, have you tried any of our award­ winning craft beers lately? Beer is the most popular beverage after water and tea, so it's only right to celebrate it with a pair of socks featuring beers from the palest lagers to the darkest stouts.

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Piano Cat Socks

Piano Cat women's knee high socksPiano Cat men's crew socks

Play us out, Piano Cat! When there seems to be no end in sight, sometimes the only way to complete a story is with a deus ex machina– or in this case, a Felis catus ex machina. So when it's time for the credits to roll, the actors to take their final bows, and the epilogue to wrap everything up, there's no better accompaniment than a classically trained kitten banging out one final melody on his trusty piano.

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THE END... or is it?

This fall, ModSocks announces our first three crew socks for women, Santa Sloth Women's Crew Socks, Red Panda Women's Crew Socks and Lil' Narwhal Women's Crew Socks. They're short and sweet, and perfect for ladies who prefer a slightly shorter sock on their feet!

Every pair of ModSocks tells a story. Choose your adventure here

Andrea Farrell

Andrea Farrell is the lead buyer and content writer for Cute But Crazy Socks. She is a sock industry expert with over a decade of experience in socks retail, customer service, product selection, product development and customer behavior. Andrea leans on her degree in journalism from Western Washington University to write helpful articles on socks and hosiery, covering all topics from current fashion trends to sock jokes.

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