20% off Solmate socks   👉

20% off Solmate socks   👉



Free sticker with every order!

Free sticker with every order!

Rosie the Riveter Socks

Check out this collection of fun socks with Rosie the Riveter and find the perfect pick-me-up gift for a feminist. Wear a pair of these girl-power socks with WWII icon Rosie in her "We can do it!" pose and channel that awesome feminine strength! 

We have feminist socks with Rosie the Riveter for men and women in several styles. For classic Rosie the Riveter socks, pick a pair of these Rosie crew socks in navy or yellow from our house brand ModSocks.

If you are interested in more political socks, our Nasty Rosie collection fits the bill. These "nasty woman" Rosie the Riveter socks feature Rosie flipping her middle finger and showing off her "NASTY" tattoo. These feminist statement socks are for nasty women with something to say and are perfect for marching against oppression.

Also available are Nurse Rosie socks that show Rosie the Riveter as a nurse. Show your support for medical professionals or find gifts for a nurse or doctor when you shop for these fun socks with Rosie wearing scrubs and a face mask.

Shop here and you can even find feminist socks for men. The Rosie the Riveter men's socks in this collection fit a men's shoe size 8 to 13, so there's no excuse not to get out there and let your socks do the talking.

Find more fun feminist socks in our girl power socks collection!


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