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Nasty Rosie Socks

Politics got you down? Find your footing in feminist socks featuring Nasty Rosie the Riveter. Being nasty has never looked so nice. All of our Nasty Rosie the Riveter socks feature a modern-day Rosie flipping her middle finger and sporting a bicep tattoo that says "NASTY."

Nasty Rosie novelty socks were designed in Bellingham, WA by ModSocks, our in-house brand. ModSocks is giving all profits from the Nasty Rosie sock collection to organizations that empower women. These feminist socks talk the talk AND walk the walk!

We are excited about our socks with Black Rosie the Riveter. She has a NASTY tattoo, and is ready to fight for her rights! She is full of passion and energy.

We also have crew socks with a nasty woman Rosie the Riveter. She looks a lot like the iconic WWII poster, but with extra attitude and righteous anger. Both versions of our Nasty Rosie the Riveter women's crew socks come in background color options of navy or yellow.

Or check out our knee socks with both Nasty Rosies working together! These cute striped Nasty Rosie the Riveter knee highs are navy and cream with our two lovely Rosies letting their middle fingers do the talking down the sides! Can fun socks change the world? We hope so!

We even have Nasty Rosie the Riveter socks for men who want to support the cause!

No matter which Nasty Rosie sock you choose, you'll help ModSocks support Planned Parenthood, make a statement for equality and flip off anyone who stands in the way of progress!

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