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Hiker Wool Athletic Socks

  • Ankle length
  • U.S. shoe size: S/M fits women’s 6–10 or men's 5–9; L/XL fits men's 9–13 or women's 10–14
  • 75% Turbowool (50% merino wool, 50% polypropylene), 15% nylon, 10% spandex
  • Made in the U.S.

These funny socks for hikers are the real deal. They have a snow-peaked mountain on top, and on the bottoms of the feet they say, "I'd Hike That." These socks are quarter-length, the perfect height for an outdoor adventure. They are also constructed especially for performance. TurboWool combines polypropelene with merino wool for a strong, itch-free wool blend that will keep your feet dry on even the most grueling hikes.

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