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Meet the Sock Crew

Urania Shaklee, owner of Cute But Crazy Socks, a sock store in Bellingham, Wash., standing in front of the retail shop.

Urania Shaklee


Cute But Crazy is the creation of Sock Genius™ Urania Shaklee, a businesswoman and sock lover who lives in Bellingham, Washington with a six-and-a-half foot sock monkey, and their cats Louie and Emo.

Urania began retailing socks in 2010 at her store The Purple Doorknob in Ellicottville, NY. In 2011, she moved to Bellingham where she opened her second store ModSock, which became Cute But Crazy Socks in 2021. In 2013, she launched her own line of original sock designs defined by whimsy, color and fun known as ModSocks.

Cute But Crazy's headquarters is a storefront located at 1323 Cornwall Ave., among the many locally-owned, independent businesses that make downtown Bellingham unique. The store stocks over 1,000 different sock styles and is jam-packed with color, texture and pattern.




Andrea Farrell

Andrea Farrell

Retail & Marketing Manager

Andrea Farrell grew up under a thick layer of clouds in Forks, Washington, but she is not a vampire — we promise. She moved to Bellingham to attend Western Washington University. In addition to being a champion speller and copy editor, she loves to bake cakes, peer into tidepools and watch old movies. She is currently running out of bookshelf space, and owns a ton of awesome socks.

Andrea loves knee highs and over-the-knee socks, but also wears a lot of cute crew socks in the summertime. Her biggest sock annoyance is the bulky toe seam, and her favorite socks are ModSocks' Sloth Stripe.




Hailey Wiltse, assistant manager of sock store Cute But Crazy in Bellingham, Washington.

Hailey Wiltse

Assistant Manager

Hailey was born and raised right here in Bellingham, Washington, where her family has lived for four generations, all attending Bellingham High School. She has happy childhood memories of coming to the local sock store, a place she associates with her hometown, and where she now works! 

In her role at Cute But Crazy, Hailey loves connecting with different kinds of people, picking out a fun pair of socks to wear to work every morning and writing blog posts for our website. In her free time she enjoys painting, drawing, reading, writing and playing Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch. 




Reed Warner, retail associate at Cute But Crazy, a sock store in Bellingham, Washington.

Reed Warner

Retail Associate

Reed moved from her home state of Hawai'i a few years ago in pursuit of a higher education. She's a bassist, and while usually soft-spoken, the music she makes with her band is very much the opposite! She loves making people laugh, wants to learn how to cook and has a soft spot for anime. And even though she's lived in Bellingham for two years, she's still bewildered when the sun goes down at 10 p.m. in the summer.

Reed's favorite socks are knee highs and over-the-knee socks, and she loves to share tips and tricks for making them fit better.

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