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Word Socks

When words escape us, novelty socks can do a great job of helping us say what's on our minds! These unique socks with phrases on them all spell it out in plain English (or sometimes Spanish) and say the words we love.

Some word socks have common phrases and sayings like "Boss Lady," "Lawyer Up" or "I'd Rather Be Gardening." Others have famous quotes like "Still I Rise" on Maya Angelou socks, "You Are Special" on Mister Rogers socks, "Happy Little Trees" on Bob Ross socks or famous sonnets on our Shakespeare socks. We even have Ruth Bader Ginsburg socks with her famous quote "When there are nine" — RBG's response when asked when there would be enough women on the Supreme Court.

Funny socks with sayings on the side can help us celebrate some of our favorite things like "Butts," "Beer" or even our home cities and states, like on our rainbow socks that say "Bellingham." Sometimes message socks can really make us think, like the socks that say, "In Dog Beers I've Only Had One," or "Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards."

Wordy socks can raise our confidence in new situations by lightening the mood or breaking the ice. Maybe you'll wear a pair of "I Love Spam" socks to your first day at a new job and find someone else who shares your affection for canned meat products. It can also be a mood booster to wear a pair with a secret message that usually stays hidden in your shoes. One example of fun socks with words on the bottom are these star socks with the Carl Sagan quote "I am starstuff" on their soles — a great reminder of our place in the universe.

Sometimes the words on our socks happen to be profanity! Not everybody wears swears, but if you know someone who could appreciate a message like "This Meeting is Bulls**t" or "F**k Off, I'm Reading," we have the perfect socks for their sensibilities!

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