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Pacific Northwest Style

We love the Pacific Northwest, the home of Cute But Crazy Socks. This collection of PNW socks is inspired by everything that makes the Great Northwest great — Sasquatch, craft beer, specialty coffee, legalized marijuana and more.

Rainy days may be gloomy, but a pair of fun socks will brighten things up considerably. If you live in the PNW, there's really no excuse not to own a pair of Bigfoot socks! Shop here for socks with Bigfoot or check out or Sasquatch collection.

For caffeine addicts, a pair of coffee socks is a great pick-me-up. Cannabis is legal now, but our pot socks are still as popular as ever. Here in Washington and our neighbor Oregon, local beer is our beverage of choice, so craft beer socks for men and women are a staple at breweries and beer gardens. Whether you can see the forest for the trees, our novelty socks with trees on them are sure to be noticed.

If you ever find your way to northwest Washington, stop by our store and say hello! If not, the socks on this page are a great place to get a feel for our little corner of the world.

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