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Face Masks

See all the fun face masks we offer in one place with this face mask collection from Cute But Crazy Socks, and don't miss our awesome logo face mask! It has a super cute design and is 100% cotton with a filter pocket, nose wire and adjustable ear straps.

Much like socks, face masks have become an essential piece of daily attire. What’s more, they now come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles so that you can find just the right face mask for your lifestyle, whether you want something simple and light or loud and thick.

If you’re wondering where to buy fun face masks online or in Bellingham, Wash., look no further than this collection of fun face masks from Cute But Crazy Socks. Since face masks are like socks for the face, our staff has tried on, tested and cross-compared a number of brands and styles so that we can offer you the best face masks available. You can explore our collection or use our handy face mask reference guide to find exactly what you need.

Please note: These masks are intended for general, non-medical use. They are NOT for use in medical environments or as replacements for medical-grade personal protective equipment. The sale of a face mask is final cannot be returned or exchanged.

We have a variety of face masks for sale, all washable and reusable.

Sock It to Me offers breathable face masks in small and large sizes for the perfect fit. These comfortable face masks include an adjustable nose wire to keep the mask secure and to help prevent your glasses from fogging when you breathe. Available in a variety of novelty styles you can match with your socks, as well as a solid black style for everyday versatility.

Socksmith’s one-size-fits-most covid face masks also come in fun styles you can match with your fun sock wardrobe, from rainbows to cute animals.

Although face masks come in a variety of thickness and most masks commercially sold are no replacement for medical-grade PPE, any amount of protection and barrier that prevents talking/laughing/sneezing/coughing droplets from spreading helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Please be sure to change out and wash your masks regularly. It’s no good re-wearing a mask without properly cleaning and disinfecting it! Stay safe and be well. We will get through this together!

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