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Ankle Socks

Less is more when it comes to ankle socks, also known as shorty socks or low-cut socks! Most of these low-rise socks just barely show above the tops of your shoes and are shorter than basic crew length socks. Shop here to see our full collection of ankle socks for men and women and find your favorite type of short socks for walking, running and working out — or just relaxing at home!

Low-Cut Ankle Socks

The shortest ankle socks we sell will show just a hint of a band or a soft heel tab that protects that sensitive part of your ankle from rubbing against your shoes. We have low-cut ankle socks with funny sayings from Blue Q as well as some more basic styles from the Darn Tough brand.

Athletic Socks

Many athletes prefer athletic socks in the ankle length with cushioned soles or non-cushioned soles. Some runners prefer cushioning but others like to wear thin ankle socks in order to feel as little sock as possible while still keeping their feet cool and dry.

Fun Turn Cuff Ankle Socks

Wear these turn cuff socks pulled up and they are just ordinary crew socks, but turn down the cuffs and suddenly you have cute and fun ankle socks. Some reveal a hidden message or an extra part of the design. All of them are fun to wear with shorts, skirts and dresses, especially when you need socks to wear in the summer.

Quarter Socks

Some people call slightly higher ankle socks quarter socks or 1/4 cuff socks. That is because they come about one-fourth of the way up your lower leg. If a knee high is 100% and a crew sock is 50%, quarter socks are closer to 25%. Shop here for slightly longer ankle socks from brands like SockGuy, Blue Q and more.



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