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Our Values

Our Values

We value people and community in everything we do. Our staff is at the core of our success which is why we are committed to paying competitive wages, offering company-sponsored health insurance and maintaining a safe and inclusive workplace.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic our biggest concern was for the health of our staff and customers. We closed our retail store for seven months, during which time we continually found new ways to accommodate people — whether through creative work-from-home arrangements for staff or free shipping to all customers, local and afar. Anytime we have to choose people over profits the decision is an easy one, and it's one of the most rewarding experiences we encounter through our work. 

Emerging from a global pandemic we are delighted to once again work together in the same building and safely greet customers in person. We have learned from our experiences in 2020 and realize there is more that can be done... 

Giving Back 

We continue to be inspired by our beautiful Washington state surroundings, and likewise have always felt a strong connection to our community. We give back with annual donations that provide free socks to our unhoused neighbors and others in need through local charitable organizations like Northwest Youth Services and the Whatcom Opportunity Council.

As our customer base has expanded, so too has our giving. We want to effect change in the communities in which we do business. In 2021, Cute But Crazy entered a partnership with NAMI, a national organization with capabilities to help people beyond our home state. 

Welcome To Cute But Crazy Socks

We have always been passionate about creating inclusive, welcoming spaces where people feel free to express themselves and tell their stories through their socks. When a sock speaks to someone, makes them laugh or helps them get through a hard day, that is the biggest win for us!

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