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Solmate Socks

Solmate Socks are cozy, cute and mismatched! These fun socks are made in the USA from recycled cotton yarn leftover from T-shirt factories. They make awesome gifts and are great socks to wear with boots, sandals or just around the house. 

Solmate Socks come in colors inspired by the garden, the seasons and nature. Water Elements socks resemble swirling ocean waters in cool blues and purple, while September Sun Socks look like fall foliage in green, orange and brown under a blue sky. Get the impression of a colorful flower garden with Cosmos Socks or play it cool in black, white and gray Midnight Socks.

If you know anyone with a red-hot personality, give them a pair of Fire Elements Socks with all the colors of a smoldering fire. Or for a more down-to-earth guy or gal, Earth Elements Socks make a great gift for people who love nature.

Since Solmate Socks come in several unisex sizes, you can find a perfect fit without worrying about labels. We know that no matter your gender, everyone loves these Raspberry Socks from Solmate Socks.

Check out Solmate Socks and find some unique socks that are fun, cozy and eco-friendly.

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