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Sasquatch Socks

Big foot, small foot — this collection of Bigfoot socks has a pair for every foot! Socks with Sasquatch on them are always a big hit in the PNW, especially here at the Cute But Crazy Socks headquarters in Bellingham, Washington!

Even if you're serious about your quest to capture definitive proof of that big hairy guy who lives in the woods, Sasquatch socks don't have to be serious! Have fun with a pair of funky Bigfoot socks for women or men.

Some of our Bigfoot knee-high socks show the big guy holding either Washington or Oregon state. These novelty socks are not only funny, they're also super cute.

Funny Sasquatch socks for men are great gifts for the guy who has a love of nature, an aversion to shaving and a great sense of humor. Shop here for socks with Sasquatch in silly situations like men's socks with a beer-drinking Bigfoot, camping Bigfoot or even socks with Bigfoot riding a bike.

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