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Funny Socks for Men

When we say funny men's socks, we aren't talking about how they smell! These socks with puns, jokes, visual humor and silly stuff on them are made for men who love to laugh.

Are you the funniest guy you know? Class clowns and comedians love crazy socks. Or maybe you are a quiet guy with a great sense of humor that not everyone gets to see. These funny men's socks let your personality shine through by adding a little flair to your footwear.

If you are a grumpy guy who knows how to laugh at himself, socks with honey badgers flipping the bird show you just don't care. Let the sarcasm flow through you in a pair of funny swear word socks for men like the ones that say "Ringmaster of the Shitshow." Or go for the visual pun with Zero Fox Given socks that replace the word you were expecting with an innocent picture of a fox!

Sometimes the unexpected can be super funny. Socks with Bob Ross painting happy little trees are so random that they will get a laugh out of even the most serious public television viewers.

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