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Dog Socks

Hot diggity! These socks with dogs on them are lovable, loyal and aim to please. We carry dozens of dog socks for humans — not that you couldn't put a pair or two on your puppy's paws and send us a video!

Many dog lovers have their favorite dog breeds, which is why we have socks with big dogs, small dogs and everything in between. You'll fawn over our pug socks, and love our loyal black lab socks. Socks with corgis wearing bandanas have been known to cause spontaneous ooh-ing and ahh-ing in people sensitive to cuteness.

Dig dachshunds? We have winning wiener dog socks for women. If you know a cop with a K9 partner, a pair of dog socks for men with German Shepherds wearing aviator shades is a great addition to a uniform. Pull out a pair of pit bull socks on those days you're feeling a little goofy and head to the dog park with a couple of tennis balls. Or if you're a fashionista, style yourself in socks with Boston terriers wearing bowties.

Whatever canine you connect with, we hope this collection will help you fetch a great pair of dog socks. And if you're more of a crazy cat lady (or man) than a dog person, head over to our cat socks collection right meow!

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