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Cat Socks

Your cat loves you, and you love your cat. What better way to show it than with a pair of funny socks with cats on them? Cute But Crazy has the purrfect socks for every cat lady, feline fancier, food-bowl filler and fearless big cat fan!

Add some music to your life with our socks for men and women with cats playing the piano! Need a little luck? We have lucky cat socks with Japanese maneki-neko! If you're feeling formal, we have socks with dapper tuxedo cats wearing bowties. Looking for pretty cat socks? Laurel Burch socks elevate the feline form into a work of fine art. We have unbelievably cute kitty socks for kids as well as adults. Curmudgeons love our Grumpy Cat socks that say "Go Away." For the proud cat owner, we also have socks that say "My cat is cool as fuck." And don't miss our purrmaids socks, the cutest catch in the whole sea of cat socks!

If you like your cats large and in charge, we have big cat socks for men and women with lions and tigers. We also carry magical cat socks with cats floating on clouds, cats with butterfly wings, mermaid cats and cats who moonlight as ninja assassins.

Every cat is different, just like every cat owner. That's why we carry such a wide selection of awesome kitty socks – so you can find a personal pair of cat-themed socks right meow.

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